If you are a millennial than there is no way that you haven’t heard of Fiverr. But just for reference though, it is an online marketplace, that took off with a signature move that was rather unique. Fiverr offered ‘$5 service’ initially to grab client base but it has effectively transformed the way we see freelance platforms. The amount you can earn now is significant, and there are people who are making more than $1000 from Fiverr gigs that are curated to hit the jackpot.

Have a look at these examples;

Levinewman provides Amazon listing service, and he has been successfully making a mark as a top seller. His basic service package is $75 and he delivers two orders per day on average, which effectively puts his earning around $1800 per month.

Abhi is a Graphic Designer with over a thousand reviews with a basic package of $25. He has made $800 on average per month ever since November 2016.

A simple search of the platform will give you hundreds of success stories like these. Many of the top sellers on Fiverr are earning $2000+ per month.

You can follow these easy peasy steps to start earning big today;

  1. Start with your Profile

Create an attractive Profile; I would suggest that less is more. Put up only the necessary details and focus on your relevant skills. You can also build trust through;

  • Showing your face
  • An exceptional gig
  • Specific highlights of your skillset
  1. Create an Awesome Gig

Create a gig that you are absolutely comfortable with and don’t go over boards with the details. E.g. ‘I will provide a professional exquisite logo design’; and while on the task you need brief details on your process, type of work you provide, and do remember to attribute appropriate value to your skillset.

  1. Draft a Package

Design your package plans to capitalize on your services efficiently. Initially try to go with minimum wage, but do remember to not sell yourself short either.


  1. Create a deadline smartly

Set up reasonable deadlines and under no circumstances oversell the concept that you are the Wizard of Oz. Delivery time needs to be standardized smartly.

  1. Brainstorm for FAQs

Provide relevant FAQs to better help people understand our gig. FAQs will help to clear any and all misconceptions and miscommunications.

  1. Keep track of your Analytics

Publish your gig, and keep track of your Analytics. You will have an idea of the effectiveness of ranking through Clicks, Impressions and Views. Do remember to edit it if it is not working for you.

The 3Ps

One thing that you need to understand is the fact that 3Ps play the most important part in your success on you becoming the top seller; patience, persistence and planning. Do remember to follow these simple guidelines and CAPITALIZE on your key concepts.


On a parting note, let me serve you a tip; Add videos to your gigs. Nothing builds trust like a clear, concise, and sales-driven pitch. So take your time, summarize your gig and upload it to support your work.

A jackpot of over $1000, with your name on it is just a resolve away, so get it together. Try these simple steps and start your journey on the way to become a successful freelancer starting today.

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