Ever felt like you are missing out in life or trapped ?

Well, a 9-5 routine does that you. Not so long ago, I was just like you. Trapped in a routine, working off someone else’s dreams, and motivations. Then one day I woke up and realized that life may be good but I haven’t sat down with friends and family, and talked freely. Everything I did was time-stamped, and I decided to make some hard choices. I decided to take the initiative to become an independent freelancer. Now freelancing is not an easy path to follow. There is a certain degree of independence, liberation but that comes with responsibility. I learned it the hard way but you do not need to.

Let me break it down for you.

Decide to go Part-time or Full-time

Never quit your job if you have a nice boss. In management circles, there is a well-known quote that people leave managers, not jobs. So if by any chance, you have a supporting boss then consider part-time freelancing.

Figure out your Skill Level and a Formula accordingly

Next up on the agenda would be to figure out your skillset. I started out as a graphics designer cum writer, and I derived my own set of the success formula.

Build a freelance library

I started to develop an extensive range of freelance template library. I used Envato and Creative Market for the deals, templates and formats. Then I modified every marketing material, graphics artwork and illustrations to develop my personal brand.

Plan and take time to make it happen

The template development honed my skill. It also helped me create some of the best inspirations ever. So take your time.

Build a loyal client base

In the next phase you need to start building a client base. A few avenues would be to use Fiverr, Facebook groups, Freelancer.com, Guru.com, PeoplePerHour.com. For me the primary source proved to Fiverr.com. Keep in mind that you need to stay focused, and use the avenues that you can track easily.




Tap into your network

For absolute beginners, I would suggest going with people in your circle. Tap into your network of friends, family, colleagues, and ask them to refer you.

Make a portfolio

Now before you put yourself out there, make an attractive portfolio. If you need to convince people that you are a good choice to handle their business, you need to show them your potential. So the templates you made, would serve nicely as your way in.

Define a mode of payment

Another most important factor would be to set up a secure mode of payment. Proper financial divisions need to be set as well. You really do not want to get bamboozled in the negotiation because you don’t know your price plan.

Belive that you can do it

Don’t sell yourself short and believe in yourself. I used to have negotiation tremors and that is absolutely normal. All you need to do is to focus on the reward.


The last thing would be to keep a firm resolve to keep doing it over and over again. Brand building is not easy, and full-time freelancing is scary-as-hell. However, the rewards are far too greater. You need to take risks, because in the end; risky investment makes the most profits. Keep it simple, keep it real, and Keep at it.