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Become a Digital Billionaire.

Digital revolution is inevitable, and with the way technology is evolving, we all need smart solutions. Digital media has created a new world order with Freelancing being one of the topmost trends. To get ahead of the curve all you need is an extra flair. IMBillionaire provides you everything you need to jump your career as a successful freelancer, with these simple steps;
The first thing you ever need is to define the problem. Consider that your client needs a specific project to be taken care of, then all you need to do is to draw up your roadmap, and base it on client’s needs explicitly, along with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
Once the problem is defined, then you need to establish a baseline for improvement. If you cannot measure, you will absolutely not be able to improve it. In simper sense, consider rating your writing, graphics, or any skills out of ten to establish where you stand.
The analyse phase is to identify, validate and eliminate all the basic flaws through root cause analysis. By analyzing a problem, you can identify the appropriate solution and get ahead of the curve in eliminating a problem completely.
Through an improve phase, all you need to do is practice the solution over and over again. The improve phase is to ensure continuous improvement in the process. You can measure your improvement through comparing ratings against the baseline obtained in measure stage.
The control phase comes later at a time when the process is stable and you have an absolute command over the outcomes of the process. During this step the solution implemented is constantly monitored to ensure quality of service.

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them”

Chris Grosser


The traditional workplace conception is dying out and there is an influx of digital platforms. Fiverr is an online marketplace, created with the aim to provide freelance services. You can work from home, or from any place on the planet, and all you need is a niche, skill-set and an absolute will to pull it off. Get a suitable laptop, and a decent internet connection; and you can start earning with the first published gig.


make history… choose your career

Do an experiment, make a video every day for ten days. It really doesn’t matter what the quality of the video is. By the end of this experiment, you will see a clear difference between the first and the last video because of the conscious effort and curation it took to make the tenth video. You need to realize that Do-Overs are necessary. There is nothing new under the sun, so make a conscious CHOICE, the rest will follow.

Creative Market is an online marketplace, with the sole purpose to provide community-generated design assets. The basic resources that can be accessed include graphics, WordPress themes, Commercial stock photos, and digital services. The best part is the availability of a massive range of high-quality designs at highly competitive prices.
Envato is a unique marketplace that advertises the sale of professional digital assets, resources and services. If you are ever in need of a photo, APIs or even an idea of video footage, Envato market gives you exclusive access to over 900,000 downloadable digital assets for your projects at a fair price, at your disposal with just a single click.
Fiverr is a marketplace that offers almost every freelancing services that you can think of. All the services are listed under a fair price policy, and the ease of usage combined with market saturation has created a healthy competition. You can buy, you can sell, and you can serve anyone, anything, anytime, and all you need is a budget constraint to go pro.

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